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Carla Hightower, MD, MBA, is a workplace wellness consultant, certified integrative health coach, and founder of Living Health Works. As a wellness expert, Dr. Hightower presents interactive, evidence-based workplace wellness workshops on healthy food and lifestyle choices that reduce stress, improve energy, and increase productivity.


    • Virtual & in-person workplace wellness workshops
    • Online courses on food and lifestyle choices that support well-being


  • Boost Your Mood & Energy
  • How to Reduce Stress When Working From  Home
  • Healing Yourself With Food
  • Foods That Help Control Blood Sugar
  • How Diet Affects Blood Pressure
  • Heart-Healthy Cooking Class
  • Superfoods for Life
  • How to End Food Cravings
  • Top Tips for Strengthening the Immune System
  • Foods that Fight Pain


    • A.T. Kearney Global Learning Conference
    • Walgreens First Ladies Health Initiative
      The Doctor Knows Best Panel
    • Northwestern University Alumni Assoc.
    • Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila Law Firm
    • National Organization of Minority Engineers
    • Forward Food Summit, The Humane Society, and Northwestern University

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    Wellness Program Testimonials

    Dr. Hightower is a wonderful speaker. She gave a talk about addressing food cravings for our organization, that was attended by more than 110 clinicians and non-clinicians. She is knowledgeable and compassionate, and brings a wealth of experience and education to her presentations. She has a great way of boiling down complex ideas to make them comprehensible to a wide audience. She answered a broad range of questions from the audience in a way that was both educational and supportive. I would be delighted to have Dr. Hightower speak for our organization again!

    Susan Friedman, MD, MPH

    Medical Director, Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Group | Director of Clinical Studies, Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute | Professor of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Northwestern University

    I met Dr. Carla Hightower through the excellent webinar she presented to Northwestern University alumni and students in March 2019 entitled “Food as Medicine”. I was impressed with her warmth, subject matter expertise, and the thoughtfulness shown during the Q&A, convincing me that I wanted to listen to her again and again. Months later, I was in the room when she was given an alumnae service award from Northwestern. My first thought as I applauded was, “What took us so long?”

    I reached out to Dr. Hightower to ask if she would return to the subject of Food as Medicine during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke over the phone and once again I was instantly engaged in what she was saying. This presentation was promoted as a “chat” with alumni on “Our Diets are Changing: The Influence on Our Wellbeing” to allow for a (virtual) conversation between Dr. Hightower and the participants – all joined for the entire hour, a rarity in virtual programming. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Dr. Hightower again on another program.

    Lucie Sandel

    Senior Associate Director Alumni Engagement, Northwestern University

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