Why Eating Everything In Moderation Is A Bad Idea

Why is “moderation” such a bad idea? I’m sure you’ve heard the term “do everything in moderation”, and you’ve probably struggled with this concept. Eating everything in moderation doesn’t really work. Here’s why:

You will frustrate yourself twice

When you know that something is outside of your healthy choices, you can either cut back or completely eliminate it. If you choose to cut back and use moderation, you will frustrate yourself in two ways:

You won’t get enough pleasure to feel satisfied
You won’t gain enough benefits to have breakthrough results.

You feel unsatisfied

Suppose you work in an office where several people keep bowls of candy on their desks. As a result, you’ve been snacking on a candy everyday. But you read a previous blog and you realize just how much processed sugar damages your heart. Therefore, you decide you’re going to eat only one little piece each day, You’re exercising moderation.

The problem is, you are never going to be satisfied with one little piece of candy. That one piece will ignite the craving for more and more.

You get mediocre results

Secondly, you’re not getting all the benefits of having created a healthier habit. Even if, you do move the needle a little bit, but you won’t get the level of benefit that you would get from eliminating that food altogether.

Eliminating junk helps you get the best results

What I would recommend, is to choose one thing you want to change at a time. You might not be ready to eliminate all junk foods at once, but you can choose one thing and totally eliminate that. You’ll find that you feel the satisfaction of seeing the clear results of that choice. The craving will also diminish significantly.

It might take you 8-12 weeks to get a craving out of your system, but you’ll find that over time you can really suppress it. You’ll then be able to go long periods of time where that thing you have eliminated is not even in your mind anymore. It’s suppressed. It’s dormant.

This will create a feeling of joy and accomplishment. Moderation just doesn’t work

What is something you can eliminate from your life that is causing you to be unhealthy? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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