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Dr. Hightower is a wonderful speaker. She gave a talk about addressing food cravings for our organization, that was attended by more than 110 clinicians and non-clinicians. She is knowledgeable and compassionate, and brings a wealth of experience and education to her presentations. She has a great way of boiling down complex ideas to make them comprehensible to a wide audience. She answered a broad range of questions from the audience in a way that was both educational and supportive. I would be delighted to have Dr. Hightower speak for our organization again!

Susan Friedman, MD, MPH

Medical Director, Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Group | Director of Clinical Studies, Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute | Professor of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Northwestern University

I met Dr. Carla Hightower through the excellent webinar she presented to Northwestern University alumni and students in March 2019 entitled “Food as Medicine”. I was impressed with her warmth, subject matter expertise, and the thoughtfulness shown during the Q&A, convincing me that I wanted to listen to her again and again. Months later, I was in the room when she was given an alumnae service award from Northwestern. My first thought as I applauded was, “What took us so long?”

I reached out to Dr. Hightower to ask if she would return to the subject of Food as Medicine during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We spoke over the phone and once again I was instantly engaged in what she was saying. This presentation was promoted as a “chat” with alumni on “Our Diets are Changing: The Influence on Our Wellbeing” to allow for a (virtual) conversation between Dr. Hightower and the participants – all joined for the entire hour, a rarity in virtual programming. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Dr. Hightower again on another program.

Lucie Sandel

Senior Associate Director Alumni Engagement, Northwestern University

Online Courses and Health Coaching

When I made the decision to join Dr. Carla Hightower’s “Optimal Health Reset Program” I was ready. I realized that if I am going to live my best life I had to be a willing participant. In my life I have learned that when the student is ready the teacher will appear…enter Dr. Carla Hightower.

Communication, activation, dedication were the three action words that came to mind. Activation, I realized that I had to stop procrastinating about my health alternatives. Communication, nothing beats a failure but a try. I decided to do one better stop trying and just as the Nike slogan says “Just do it.” Dedication, I will dedicate my time to incorporate healthy alternatives to live my best life. Since starting this program, I not only see and feel the difference in my body, the knowledge that I have gained will last me a lifetime.

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

If you don’t have good health nothing else matters.

Carolyn A.

My son recommended Dr. Carla Hightower, and I have been meeting with her now for two months. Using her health coaching program, I am eating whole foods, and I have seen a vast improvement in my overall health and I no longer need insulin for my type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar went from 436 to 82 and my A1C went from 11.7 to 5.2

Harry W.

Working with Dr. Carla was like putting on a pair of glasses that made me see health and nutrition world in a whole new light.

I am eternally grateful for her ability, compassion, empathy, good humor and help in reducing my fat, cholesterol, increasing my strength and, most importantly, reducing my inflammation. I am no longer stiff in the morning and know how to recover rapidly after strenuous exercise.

I started working with Dr. Carla after she provided health coaching for my father that helped him heal himself and allowed his doctor to take him off diabetes medicine. I was planning for an endurance cycling event several months out and, at age 61, wanted to make sure that I was doing everything possible to achieve this big goal, including paying better attention to my nutrition.

I thought I had a reasonably healthy diet until Carla showed me the consequences of eating sugar, dairy and eggs and the benefits of fruits, vegetables, tumeric and ginger for the inflammation-fighting regimen I wanted to pursue.

As an incredible coach, she connected what I was trying to do with the changes I could make to achieve my goals. She gave me an awareness of the choices available to me and the consequences of straying from the path without making me feel guilty about an occasional treat.

Tony W.

When I started, my A1C was right at 6.9 and blood sugars were anywhere from 137 to 226. In one doctor’s visit I was diagnosed as diabetic and prescribed 4 medicines. My dad is currently on dialysis, and both my maternal and paternal grandmothers, along with several aunts suffered with diabetes. It was then I knew I had to do something different. I joined Dr. Carla’s whole-food, plant-based program. It changed my life. After 3 months in the program, I am down 20 pounds, my blood sugars average 99 (fasting) to 130 two hours post meals and my A1C is 5.8.
While medicines and insulin treat the problem, they don’t address the root of the problem. The whole-food, plant-based nutritional lifestyle does. And you will learn this in sessions with Dr. Carla. It takes discipline. It takes preparation. And it takes patience. But you have to understand it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. The support group is amazing, and you are not in this alone. I am proof that you can live a life free from diabetes

Wanda C.

I can honestly say that the 3 months that I have been a part of the Living Health Works program administered by Dr. Hightower my entire life has changed. I committed to working with her to help me improve my health by creating lifestyle changes. After 3 months, my blood sugar in the morning is 118 to 138 and improving day by day. The days when I can ride the bike or walk/run, my numbers are in the 90’s. I am no longer tired. I no longer have the swollen joints, the high blood sugars, the feet tingling from neuropathy, or the dizziness. The goal was healthy living and lifestyle changes, but I have also lost a substantial amount of weight, a good 20 pounds. I am now more confident in all areas of my life. My interaction is better and my thought process is clearer. My fear of traveling alone has gone away and the list goes on. If you want to see quick results and are tired of the highs and lows of type 2 diabetes, I would highly recommend this program. My life has changed forever, and I am so pleased with how this program has changed me.


In August I decided to hire a health Coach (Carla Hightower, MD) as I was looking for a holistic lifestyle change. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and up to that point, I had taken medication for nearly a year and a half and had already changed medications three different times as a result of negative side effects, including experiencing swollen feet and pain in my joints, notably my knees. I had been a lifelong runner and pretty healthy and athletic and back then I found that I could barely run a quarter mile without experiencing pain. I was pretty perplexed. I was looking for an answer. Fortunately during a long bike ride (that I did not originally intend to do) with a couple friends, one recommended that I contact Dr. Carla.

My “Meta Goal” for hiring a health coach was to heal myself so that I could eliminate the need to rely on high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. This is still the goal. My more immediate goals included changing a couple of key things, including working out early mornings a couple days per week, to be able to run without pain, to not eat dinner after 9 pm (ideally 8 pm) and to lose 10-15 pounds, all within 3 months. I was originally concerned since I was heading into my busy season at work and I also was taking a graduate class one evening during the week. I needed to increase my energy level and I was uncertain whether I could meet all of my goals with such a hectic schedule, which appeared aggressive at the time. I thought something would give, but I had to jump in with both feet.

Within 2-3 months all of my immediate goals were accomplished. I lost 10 pounds, officially (as noted by my doctor). I changed my schedule to include early morning workouts and stopped eating after 9pm. My energy level increased as I grew accustomed to not consuming dairy and my craving for sweets reduced greatly. I adopted a mostly plant based diet (as I still eat a little meat, but significantly less than before). My wife noticed the sudden changes and eventually followed suit and joined me on my newfound lifestyle. We now have fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast and I pack lots of fruit and vegetables to eat throughout the day, for work. I also have found that I no longer have acid reflux and my wife has shared that I no longer snore (which makes her happy). My doctor noted such drastic change since my last doctor’s appointment (which was only three months prior) that she ordered blood work so that she can better track my progress going forward. We spent more time discussing the benefits of a plant based diet during my last visit.

I want to share three words – “Absolutely Life Changing”.

My wife just texted me from her doctor’s appointment. She has officially lost 10 pounds. Her numbers for testing diabetes dropped from 5.8 to 5.5 and she is now clear from being diabetic. Her doctor asked what she is doing and she informed her about the recent lifestyle change. The doctor also inquired about our morning smoothies and she really liked what we are doing. Wonder smoothie – Spinach, carrots, almonds/nuts, gogi berries, banana, strawberries, cherries and coconut water. As you can imagine, my wife was quite excited. Her next doctor’s appointment is in 1 year. In the past, she had to visit every 6 months.

Just wanted to share this with you.
Thanks again.

Michael B.

After losing the weight, I love the way my clothes fit. I love the way I am feeling these days. Some days I feel like I’m in heaven because I feel so great. You are a wonderful teacher.

Michael S.

When I was diagnosed, my A1C was 6.4 (diabetic = 6.5). I called Carla and enrolled in her health coaching program. After 10 weeks, my A1C is reading a healthy 5.6 and I lost 11 pounds. Thank you Lord. Carla is very knowledgeable, patient and professional. I improved my numbers fairly quickly and got back to living a normal healthy lifestyle.

Jackie N.

My mom is really doing well. We been practicing the plant based diet since we spoke. She was able to cut down on her insulin tremendously. She used to take 24 units daily. Now she takes 4-7 units per day. 4 units in the morning and 3 units at night depending on what she eats for dinner. Some nights she can go without insulin at night time. Her morning blood sugars are under 100. Last time when we checked the A1c it decreased from 9.5 to 8. I am sure if I check it now it will be much lower. She has more energy and doesn’t feel tired. Definitely her overall health improved. I truly appreciate all your advice and guidance I cannot express my gratitude towards you in words. I truly truly appreciate you. You are a blessing. God bless.

Sunitha A.

The masterclass on Superfoods was absolutely fantastic! I actually watched it twice, the second time in order to take notes! I learned new and practical information about superfoods and their impact on immunity that I did not know. Even as a physician, there were details about superfoods that were new and I could apply right away.

Additionally, Dr. Hightower’s voice was calm and so easy to listen to as she explained information in a clear and succinct manner and not in “doctor speak (medical jargon).” I recommended this Masterclass to more than 50 of my friends, family and colleagues and the resulting feedback has been awesome! I am looking forward to her next Masterclass – everyone should sign up!!

Sonja Boone, MD, FACP

I am so grateful that I participated in the Superfoods to Boost the Immune System masterclass!

I love how Dr. Hightower gave a summary of the immune system at the beginning, which prepared me to receive the vital information that she shared. She was so easy to understand and very personable. I felt like a good friend who wanted the best for me was giving me valuable advice. I genuinely believe Dr. Hightower has a passion for helping others achieve their best health naturally. I also like that she backed up everything with science and provided references.

I have been using what I learned from the class for a couple of months. In this short time, I have lost 7 pounds, my energy has increased tremendously, and I have an overall feeling of wellbeing. It was so easy to incorporate what I learned into my lifestyle. This course has changed my life! What I received from this class was far beyond the small price that I paid for it.

Tina B.

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