How to Overcome Chronic Diseases

To overcome a chronic disease, first you need to understand what is causing the problem in the first place. Then you can actually find solutions and turn your situation around. How much you improve depends on whether you have the right mindset and support system to make your changes long lasting. Here’s some advice that will help you beat chronic disease without struggling.

Understand the Real Problem

Once you understand the root cause of a problem you can solve it. Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux, heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, and arthritis seem like the problems we want to solve, but these conditions are really the symptoms of a deeper problem. In their purest form, these are lifestyle diseases. These conditions are the results of year and years of lousy eating and lifestyle habits that can no longer be denied.

The good news is that lifestyle diseases are preventable and, in many cases, reversible!

Reversing Lifestyle Diseases Step By Step

If you’re thinking this is too much to tackle, you’re right. It’s too much to tackle all at once. The key is to break it down and take one small step at a time, so the process is realistic and doable.

Start with one thing.

Begin by asking, what is one thing I can do right now to help myself get well?
That first step can (and will) lead to powerful changes in your life.

Believe in Your Ability to Heal

Your mindset is your key to getting healthy.

Many people want to get well, but deep down they believe it is impossible. Some feel it’s too late to change. Others blame their genetics. Either way, a negative mindset is self-defeating because it keeps you from taking personal responsibility for your choices.

Negative thinking only makes your health worse. On the other hand, you can solve just about any problem if you truly believe your situation is changeable.

As an example, let’s take your food choices. A positive, optimistic mindset sparks healthier behaviors that lead to…
• Regaining energy
• Losing weight
• Reversing diabetes,
• Reducing pain
• Getting off medications (even if you once thought you’d need them for the rest of your life)

Your mind and body are directly connected and you need to optimize both to heal yourself.  Just imagine how much better your life would be without fast food and processed junk.  Today, imagine how great you are going to look and feel. You can skip the drive thru and cook healing food at home. Others have done what it takes to heal themselves, and there’s every reason to believe you can succeed too.

Work with an Experienced Health Coach

Most people feel confused, wading through all the misinformation they’ve gathered from unreliable sources. Fad yo-yo diets are proven useless. They don’t improve your health and their superficial changes don’t last. That’s exactly why I recommend working with an experienced health coach, like me.

I am unique because I’m a physician who’s trained as a health coach. I cut through all the confusion for my clients by teaching them only evidence-based information and proven strategies.

Trial and error is not the way to improve your eating and lifestyle habits. Nothing is more frustrating than floundering around, so instead you need to have one clear plan. The best system is one that is practical and works for you. An experienced health coach helps you quickly find your solutions and overcome obstacles whenever you feel stuck.

The old days of struggling on your own are over. It’s absolutely possible to overcome chronic disease and I believe you can succeed.

If you want to learn about the power of healthy lifestyle habits for diabetes, take the first step today. Download the free Guide to Overcoming Diabetes Naturally.

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About the Author:

Dr. Carla Hightower, MD, MBA is a certified integrative health coach, speaker, and corporate wellness consultant. She helps busy people develop healthier lifestyle habits and use plant-based nutrition so they can heal themselves. She provides educational information through her health coaching services and an online course on diabetes. In addition she is an engaging speaker on the subject of plant-based food and healthy lifestyle habits that improve health, energy and productivity. In her prior career she practiced anesthesiology for 21 years. In the midst of that career she overcame personal health challenges by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Also, she observed that most of her patients were suffering from preventable complications of chronic lifestyle diseases. From those experiences she is motivated to teach people how to take full control of their health through better eating and lifestyle habits.

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