5 Tips to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

People experiencing diabetes can take steps to reverse diabetes and restore their health rather than slowly watching their health decline. Instead of just managing the disease, it is possible to prevent and reverse insulin resistance (characteristic of type 2 diabetes) with diet and other lifestyle changes. People experiencing type 1 diabetes can significantly reduce their insulin requirements, while those with type 2 diabetes may be able to completely eliminate their medications.

Here are 5 tips to help reverse diabetes naturally:

#1 Managing the numbers does not work

At least one-third of the U.S. population has diabetes or prediabetes. However, most people don’t know what to do about their diagnosis. Most make the mistake of just managing the blood glucose numbers with medications rather than correcting their underlying nutritional and lifestyle problems.

Drugs slow the disease process without fixing it, but dietary and lifestyle changes can actually reverse diabetes. They treat the underlying problems and prevent complications. This way the numbers naturally improve with less medication.

Unfortunately, most doctors will not talk to you about your diet and lifestyle habits. Your doctor barely has enough time to rule out the immediately life-threatening stuff, write the prescriptions, and complete the medical record. Sometimes they doubt your ability to make the necessary changes anyway. And sadly, most doctors are not well trained in nutrition and lifestyle habits. This leaves you struggling to manage your numbers with medications even if the long-term results are not good.

It is possible to reverse insulin resistance with a nutrient-rich, low-fat plant-based diet and exercise. The root cause of high blood sugar is addressed instead of masking the problem with drugs.

#2 Take control of prediabetes

I especially dislike the term prediabetes because it tells people that they do not have diabetes. In fact, diabetes is present—just at an earlier stage. Another annoying term is “borderline”.

Since this stage does not meet the criteria for medication, it’s really easy to go home and ignore it.  But prediabetes does not stay in place for long. Take charge and don’t delay. Prediabetes is the easiest type of diabetes to reverse. Treat it as a helpful warning, like a smoke alarm for diabetes.

#3 Ignore TV drug ads

There are no magical pharmaceuticals that can turn your life around. TV ads are there to compel you to pressure your doctor for the newest (and most expensive) drugs. Such drugs lack the same track record as established medications and some of their risks are likely unknown. The well-established drugs are already risky enough.

The FDA approves diabetes drugs based on their ability to lower blood sugar, even though they may hasten death. Don’t waste your time talking to the doctor about the ads you’ve seen on TV. You are better off focusing on restoring health through nutrition, exercise, and better rest.

#4 Good nutrition transforms health

There are several foods to avoid. High-fat foods, animal products, and processed food all promote diabetes. However, the right foods can reverse diabetes, lower insulin resistance and restore bodily functions.

Such foods include fruit, vegetables, whole grains, tubers like sweet potatoes, and legumes. Yes, they are mostly carbs, but the right type of carbs!

These high fiber, nutrient-rich foods improve cellular function, allowing the tissues to regain their normal sensitivity to insulin.

#5 Eat, exercise and rest

Good nutrition, exercise, and sleep are a winning formula to reduce insulin resistance and inflammation. It’s best to start gradually, making one or two small changes at a time. These natural solutions are safe, effective, and empowering.

End the constant worry about diabetes and enjoy a long and healthy life.

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About the Author:

Dr. Carla Hightower, MD, MBA is a certified integrative health coach, speaker, and corporate wellness consultant. She helps busy people develop healthier lifestyle habits and use plant-based nutrition so they can heal themselves. She provides educational information through her health coaching services and an online course on diabetes. In addition she is an engaging speaker on the subject of plant-based food and healthy lifestyle habits that improve health, energy and productivity. In her prior career she practiced anesthesiology for 21 years. In the midst of that career she overcame personal health challenges by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Also, she observed that most of her patients were suffering from preventable complications of chronic lifestyle diseases. From those experiences she is motivated to teach people how to take full control of their health through better eating and lifestyle habits.

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