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5 Ways to Boost Your Energy

by Dr. Carla Hightower

 In this FREE resource you will learn about…

  • Nutritious foods that increase your energy
  • Tips that help you wake up well-rested
  • Lifestyle changes to help you feel vibrant & alive

Create a Healthy Lifestyle and Thrive


These interactive workplace wellness workshops help your organization create healthy energetic teams. With a focus on healthy food and lifestyle changes, these workshops help participants reduce stress, boost their energy, and naturally become more productive.


Complete these online wellness courses to jumpstart your wellness journey. Learn practical information about the benefits of whole foods and other lifestyle changes that support health and help you reach your wellness goals faster.

Here’s what people say about us…

“I joined Dr. Carla’s whole-food plant-based program. It changed my life. After 3 months in the program, I am down 20 pounds, my blood sugars average 99 (fasting) to 130 two hours post-meals and my A1C is 5.8”

Wanda C.

“Using this health coaching program, I have seen a vast improvement in my overall health and I no longer need insulin for my type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar went from 436 to 82 and my A1C went from 11.7 to 5.2.”

Harry W.

“I learned that I can eat well and not be hungry. I’m losing weight and my clothes fit better. I see the difference in how much better I feel. My blood sugar is improving and the pain in my feet is much better. The program taught me that with food the body can heal itself. The program was life changing for me.”

Katrena D.

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Helping you feel better and thrive in life 

Through online wellness courses and health coaching services, I help my clients heal themselves with healthy lifestyle changes. Through my workplace wellness workshops, I help companies and organizations create healthy energetic teams. 

Carla Hightower, MD, MBA
Certified Integrative Health Coach
& Workplace Wellness Consultant

Dr. Carla Hightower has been featured on CBS 2 News and Chicago area radio shows (WGN, WVON, and AM 560). She was showcased on the AARP website and a panelist at the Forward Food Leadership Summit sponsored by the Humane Society and Northwestern University.

vegetables, plant-based nutrition

A healthy plant-based lifestyle helps your body heal itself

Restore your energy and enjoy life

reversing diabetes

Regain control of your lifestyle and your well-being



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